How it Works

Your aide-maman will expect:

To be accepted as one of the family, i.e. eating with the family and being included in family activities.
To help and work with the mother rather than be expected to get on with housework alone.
To have at least a part of each day (morning, afternoon or evening) free for leisure or studies.

Your aide-maman will NOT expect:

To be in a family with a mother working full-time or part-time every day.
To be left alone with small children for more than a morning, an afternoon or overnight without our permission.
To be given ‘heavy’ housework, a working contract or a list of chores.
To be asked to do chores at the same time as looking after children.
To receive a weekly wage.

Your aide-maman will be selected to suit your family interests and requirements. After receiving your application, we shall telephone you to discuss your placement and confirm dates. We shall also contact you and your aide-maman in the first few days of her stay to make sure that you are both happy. Towards the end of the stay, a local representative will contact you to check again that you are mutually happy and to write a reference for the student’s C.V.

Please note: BELAF does not accept liability of any kind which may result from professional negligence or dishonesty. However you can be assured that every reasonable measure has been taken to ensure the suitability and integrity of the aide-maman that we place with you.