A small selection of comments from families who have found the aide-maman scheme a useful and enjoyable experience:

“I cannot thank you enough for organising for Prisca to spend a month with us. She fitted in perfectly and was a huge help and support to me and a great friend to the children. She was extremely conscientious and kind. She played wonderfully with the children and had bought a book of things to make and do with her which was a brilliant idea. All in all it was a huge success which I am sure we shall be looking to repeat next year.”
- A. Guinness

We have really enjoyed her company, help and very happy, sunny personality in our family. She will be greatly missed although I know that we will remain in contact. All my friends and family who met her were greatly impressed and I would say she has been a great ambassador for Belaf.
I would not hesitate to recommend Belaf or to use you again next year as it has been such a wonderful experience for us all.
My children have really enjoyed having a ‘second mother’ and I know, like me, were very sad to say au revoir this morning. My eldest son got up this morning at 6 am just to say goodbye.
Once again, thank you very much for arranging our aide-maman.”
- A. Giles

“Thank you for sending us such lovely girls to help for the summer. They were both a pleasure to have - helpful, kind, polite and good company. It was an enormous help to me and we all had a more relaxed and fun summer.” - P. Stone

“In August 2005 I worked in a British family near Bath. It was a very good experience - all the members of the family were so kind to me and we had many interests in common. I have created real bonds of friendship with my family and in February they will ski in a resort near my home, so we will ski together! So thank you, Belaf. It was such a good experience that I would like to go back to the United Kingdom again.
- H. Prophete (aide-maman)