A small selection of comments received from host families and their guests

“Sarah went home this morning as planned. She turned out to be wonderful - we have had a great three weeks. Thank you very much for finding her!”
- A. Hull, Bristol

“My student this year, Philippe, was a super young man, as was the boy I had two years ago. Well done for choosing such nice young students for us to have in our homes!”
- J. Elkins, Gloucester

“It has been a pleasure to host your Belaf students for the past few years”. - host family
[Many of our families host children in consecutive years]

“How do you always manage to find just the right family for each child?”
- a French parent

And from two French children who stayed with English families:

“Thank you very much for the nice holiday I had in England. It was one of the best holidays I ever had. I met many friendly people and my guest family was very nice too.”
- Olga

“I write to thank you to have received me so warmly. You have contributed to make me like England and English people who aren’t like a lot of French think. Coming to England, I thought to eat vile food. In short, it wasn’t the case! I wish I will see you again.”
- 14 year old French boy.