Study abroad

BELAF has worked with Language Schools across Europe for more than ten years as an agent and representative. In that time, we have advised hundreds of students about the most suitable course for them to choose and also about promotions/special offers on certain courses which exist at various times of the year. We also advise on accommodation whether it be in a host family, student hostel or shared apartment.

We are in close contact with the administration of the schools and especially with those who select the host families. We take care of your booking through all its stages until you eventually arrive safely and happily at your chosen destination.

Homestays Available Throughout the Year in France and Spain - 2017

For all ages - children (from 10 years old), students and adults.

For periods of two or three weeks throughout the year, a Belaf family homestay includes:

  • Total immersion in a carefully selected family for 10-18 year olds.
  • Full board in the family and participation in all family activities.
  • Programme of leisure, sport, cultural activities and excursions organised by the family.


All Ages
The stay includes:-
  • Meeting and collecting your child from the airport, Eurostar or ports of Portsmouth and Poole and transfer to the host family.
  • Family homestay
  • Individual programme of private study with a weekly visit by a teacher who will issue a progress report and certificate for parents at the end of the stay.


Immersion - "One to One" OR "Two to One"

This intensive homestay experience is ideal for children wanting to have daily lessons while enjoying a activities and a family experience. You will stay with your teacher, be welcomed into your teacher's home and experience English life as part of a warm, friendly family.
You will have 1:1 lessons with your personal teacher and an individually planned programme of activities and excursions. You will speak only English every day. The courses are specially designed to meet your individual needs and to maximize your progress. Living in your teacher's home gives you a total, in-depth experience of English culture, customs and lifestyle - unique and invaluable.

You have the choice of being alone with the family or staying with another student and having 2 : 1 lessons.

You can make a preference for the region.

***NB. Price includes full-board accommodation, lessons, activities and all excursions.

Homestay arrival day is a SUNDAY and departure day is a SATURDAY


LIVING LEARNING SPANISH - total Immersion in the Spanish Language in the teacher's home - age 10-21 years

Learn Spanish successfully, intensively and rapidly by living and studying with your teacher. You will be welcomed into your teacher’s home where you will experience Spanish life as part of a warm, friendly family. You will speak only Spanish everyday and your teacher will help you find the right words in daily conversation. The courses are specifically designed to meet your individual needs for learning Spanish.

  • 1:1 or 2:1 tuition.
  • Choice of location; major cities such as Seville, Madrid and Barcelona, in beautiful coastal towns or peaceful countryside villages
  • Professional teachers and all levels welcome - from beginner to advanced
  • Special emphasis on listening, speaking & communication skills
  • Dates to suit starting on Sundays
  • Specialised programme of study designed for each student
  • Activities and excursions arranged according to your interests


Homestay in SPAIN in Aragon - 2017.

Teacher's family.

One week homestay to include full board, participation in all family activities, sport, visits etc.
PRICE: 450 EUROS per week

Possibility of private or group Spanish lessons from £20 per hour.