Practical Information

The responsibilities of an au pair
You must be able to show initiative and be ready to be helpful when needed and, once accustomed to the family routine, try to be helpful without being asked (preparing of meals, loading the dish-washer, laying and clearing the table, hoovering etc...)
Telephone: Except in case of emergency, you do not have the right to use the telephone without the permission of the family. Please avoid the embarrassment of receiving a bill for calls to your country after returning home. All telephone bills are now itemised in England.
Smoking: The majority of English families, especially those with small children, do not accept smokers. Smoking has now become socially unacceptable in England.

Insurance and health: You will be insured for public liability only. This does cover you for cancellation, repatriation or theft. Those from EEC countries must bring with them the European Health Card. In the case of illness or accident in England, with the exception of dental treatment, normally all other treatment is free under the National Health Service. You should check the formalities at the local health centre before engaging in any course of treatment. Please inform us if you have any allergies or are receiving medical treatment at the time of arrival. By signing the application form you will give the organisation, in case of emergency, the right to authorise necessary medication, surgery and anaesthetics.

Your address:
If during your stay your parents will not be at the address written on the application form you must give us a telephone or fax number where they can be contacted or, alternatively, the number of someone who can be responsible in case of emergency.

Travel and arrival
As soon as you have been selected by a family you must confirm with them the dates of your stay before purchasing your ticket. If you are coming by air you must book an ‘open’ return ticket. Our families are situated in London, Richmond, Henley-on-Thames, Bath, Bournemouth, Bristol, Chippenham and surrounding areas. You will receive instructions on how to reach your family (the name of the nearest station, the possibility of the family meeting you at Heathrow Airport etc). It is assumed that you are old enough and capable enough to travel independently on public transport in England.